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Rental of Commercial Display Screen

Save both your time and money by obtaining the right kind of rentals as per your requirements. We provide rental services for LCD, LED, and UHD TV and monitors in various sizes from 32 to 75 inches, Touchscreen interactive, Video wall, and digital signage kiosk products which make our rentals ideal for all your events. You can rent any sizes and quantity of our commercial display screen as per your requirements.


Our commercial TV display rentals serve the purpose of any kind of event; whether it is for the short or long term. They are well-suited for different conferences, product launches, seminars, exhibitions, roadshows, or even live performances. We offer services based on the schedule and duration of events, whether you have conferences lasting for weeks, exhibitions for months, or even a one-day seminar.

We have a team of well-equipped and skilled technicians with an experience in delivering, handling, and setting up of monitors and other audiovisual technology for your event.

With the right kind of equipment, your displays can be adjusted according to whatever arrangement you desire at the event venue. We provide you with display wall mounts and trolleys to help you set up the system anywhere and in any way you want.



Our state-of-the-art video wall screen services are ideal for any sort of events. Make your event stand out with stunning displays on whatever sizes you require. Our video wall screens consist of different display sizes ranging from 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, or even larger dimensions and with a wide range of input sources like DVI, HDMI, or a Display Port.

These screens are well-suited for different venues like a convention center or even huge arenas. With a set of widely ranging monitor sizes and displays, the video wall screens can be configured in various resolutions allowing your target audience to get an holistic immersive experience, making your event an instant success!

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